Shipping methods

1. General

1.1. Products are delivered to the address you have specified in your order by the courier company within 2-3 working days, provided they are immediately available, except in hard-to-reach areas of the mainland and islands of Greece where it may take 2-5 working days.

1.2. Delivery time of orders may change due to uncertain factors, including, but not limited to, holidays, strikes, bad weather, natural disasters, transport problems, operational delay of the courier company.

1.3. Shipments of products are insured based on the policy and terms and conditions of the shipping company where the order is sent. The Company does not send parcels to post office boxes and does not deliver the products to minors or to persons under guardianship, without the written authorization of their parents or guardians.

1.4. In case the product is not ready for delivery, the order remains pending and the Company will contact you regarding the expected availability date of the product and the possible replacement or cancellation of the order, depending on the Company’s abilities.

1.5. Working days are Monday through Friday. Orders placed from Monday 7:00 a.m. until Friday 12:00 a.m. are processed immediately. Orders placed on Friday, Saturday and Sunday are processed on Monday. Orders placed on public holidays or their eves will be processed the next working day. This is done so that the products do not remain for many days in the transport company.

1.6. The address stated by the online store user must be real, valid and accurate. The Company does not bear any responsibility for non-delivery or late delivery of products, in case of incorrect delivery address. In case the buyer is absent from the address given or there is a change of information for the address given, the user of the online store is responsible for timely informing the Company, in order that shipment be made to the correct address. Otherwise, she/he will be bearing the additional transport costs or the cost of inefficient transport.

1.7. Receipt of the products and the customer’s signature on the carrier’s form equates with the acceptance of the order by the customer. In case of delay in delivery of your order or for any complaint regarding its execution, please contact us at email info@meeterra.gr, or by phone at +306978951093.

1.8. In case of delay in delivery of the product due to the fault of the courier company, the Company is not liable. In case of further fault of the TAS COURIER company, resulting in product defect, you retain the rights mentioned in the Return and Cancellation Policy.

2. Domestic Services

2.1. Within Attica, the delivery is executed the next working day after the online order, and the transport costs amount to €2.1 / shipment, for shipments up to 2 kg weight. For each additional kilo, the charge is €0.80/ shipment.

2.2. For inland destinations, delivery is made in the next 2-3 working days of the online order, and the shipping costs amount to €2.5 /shipment for shipments up to 2 kg weight. For each additional kilo, the charge is €1 / shipment.

2.3. For island destinations, the delivery is made in the next 2-3 working days of the online order and the transport costs amount to €2.5 /shipment for shipments up to 2 kg weight. For each additional kilo, the charge is 1€/ shipment.

3. International Services

3.1. For shipments to Cyprus, countries of the European Union and non-member countries, you should first contact thenutlers.com customer service by phone to find out about the shipping charge before completing your order. Shipping charges for the above countries vary according to the product transport laws of each country.

3.2. You should first find out from the competent authorities of your country about any restrictions that may exist for the import of our products. At the meeterra.gr you may find all the information about our products and, if they meet the customs requirements of your country, you may proceed with your order.

3.3. The Company is not responsible for customs charges that may arise during the shipment of the products.

4. Free Shipping
Free shipping for purchases over 35 €/shipping